The Parkland Worker

Ever since 2000 we, as Benedictine Oblates, have provided hospitality for adults who seek to nurture their contemplative practise of Christian prayer in a simple setting of solitude on our farm free of charge.  As Catholic Workers we freely distribute our farm produce to those who have the least access to the best quality food, simultaneously naming and protesting the underlying causes.

  • We farm in order to both support ourselves and to raise food for free distribution for other Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, as well as to select individuals and organizations who advocate on behalf of those who have less access to the necessities of life.  We are motivated to do this through our own experience of having been loved by the risen Christ and how he has nurtured our hearts and enlivened our actions in the social teachings of the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospel.
  • We currently offer three-season hospitality to Catholic Workers, the residents of CW houses, and individuals interested in a contemplative way of life in a remote, pastoral setting at no cost.
  • We denounce war, violence, and social injustice in all its forms.  We live lives of simplicity and voluntary poverty, which allows us to be better able to both encounter God, and to give to those who have least access to even the basic necessities of life with integrity, understanding, and solidarity.  We supply produce free of charge as a denunciation of the violence inflicted by the corporatization and governmental control of food.



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