Violence By Any Name Is Still Violence

We denounce war, violence, and social injustice in all its forms.

Unlimited license for excess of every kind is only a blueprint for self-destruction.  There is no such thing as a just fight.  To fight at all is unjust.  Refusing to use violence in any form is the only action that is able to save people.  Violence is like alcoholism.  Alcohol will kill an alcoholic; the only way out is to accept one’s condition and to refrain from drinking.  In doing that you not only save your own life but can start to make reparations to the lives of the people you’ve messed with.  Likewise, acknowledging your capacity for violence needs to be confessed every day.  That won’t make your violence go away, but it will save your life.  But physically disarming is not enough.  In order to fully renounce violence you will have to fully die to yourself, laying aside all privileges and to go into the world fully disarmed.

It’s interesting that those who justify the use of violence as a tool to fight against evil have already sunk to the level of the scourge they think they are defeating.  All violence is inherently insidious.  Totally refusing to be violent in any manner, including the destruction (a violent word) of property, is the only way to truly be one’s self.  The only thing that both unrighteous war and righteous violence have in common with one another is people with weapons.

God is love.