So what’dya think?, I asked her last night.  I had lost my patience with two pieces of machinery late in the day, and I was aching all over and exhausted, but she still stood there, giving insight and support, either of which I rarely get from others for doing what we are doing.

When we first moved here seventeen years ago there were bets going around as to how long we’d last?  One guy didn’t give us six months…I think this fool is lost.  And clearly for everyone who was glad we returned there were another who took advantage of us…made us pay for settling here.  But she has always been with me.  Even came to the field last evening out of support when she heard me cursing out a piece of equipment that was creating more work than it was helping.

So what’dya think?,  I asked after everything had been retrieved to the farmyard.  We wasting our lives?  Wasting our lives?, she echoed.  Growing food for other people for free?  I think it’s a great thing to do.   And so we ate a late supper and went to bed.  And my chronic disease flared up and I didn’t sleep well, but she did, and for which I am happy for her.

She’s undoubtedly one of the greatest people I have ever run across – smart, loving, hard physical worker – and why she puts up with me I don’t know.  But today we’ll go back outside and work some more together, just doing what we can with what we have, which isn’t much…


…and I am profoundly thankful…