Hurricane Harvey and Casa Juan Diego

320943443_f8ea58da20_bAUGUST 28, 2017 BY LOUISE ZWICK
Monday, August 28, 2017

At Casa Juan Diego we were able to prepare our houses with basic foods and water and paper goods and help others who came to our door seeking food before the storm hit. We were assisted by people who came a few days before the storm bringing 50-pound bags of pinto beans and rice and maseca, and oil, sugar, oatmeal, tomato sauce, pasta, tuna, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Many are asking how they can help. We are not able to get to the Food Bank for food (it is temporarily closed because of the flood) and many will be seeking food as soon as the waters go down and they can get through the flood waters. When it is safe to do so, food (like that listed above) can be brought to 4818 Rose Street, Houston, Texas 77007. We also are in need of adult diapers, especially at the moment medium pull-ups for the sick and injured, as well as underpads for beds, baby wipes and wipes for adults.

Financial donations to assist those who have lost much in the flood and hurricane can be sent to: [Casa Juam Diego], P.O. Box 70113, Houston, TX 77270.

So far, our buildings in the Washington Avenue area have not flooded. We hope to help many who seek our aid after the floods.