On The Use Of Force – Grown Together Free To Be



Unexamined acceptance that freedom arises from individuals seeking their own self-fulfillment has led to political policies that ensure that other’s actions do not interfere with individual’s liberties.

Conversely, tyrannical action and government, the reasoning that freedom is only best understood by leaders who have the responsibility to set policy and coerce the masses, also prevails in the world.

Both models lead to horror.  Each driven by the false belief that there is one true answer, no sacrifice becomes too great, even when people die, in the first case by neglect, or in the case of the later by direct violence of action and policy.  Both are equally failures.

Coercion in any form is the opposite of freedom no matter what form it takes…always.  Inequality grows under these with no alternative.

We do not use, or believe in the use of any form of physical or psychological force or violence to coerce, hurt, abuse, damage, or kill someone or something in order to achieve the ends of meeting others’ rightful needs.  We accept this stance as Catholic Workers based on both the teachings of Christ and the historical failures of both free-market self-fulfillment and governmental tyrannies; we would not become that which we are seeking to undo.

All violence harbours a kernel of hate…this includes violent words.  We work to create a place that provides alternatives to both self-fulfillment and forceful coercion, highlighting the actions needed for building progressive and positive models for what it means to become truly free, which only happens fully in community, both on this farm and around the world.