Dorothy Day, Benedictine Oblate, St. Procopius Abbey, Lisle, IL

Monday, November 11, 1940. Fr. Luke from Lisle (Ill.) St. Procopius (Abbey) picked me up for meeting there. Bohemian Benedictines. Magnificent work. They certainly follow Christ in poverty, hard work. The nuns too put us to shame. I love most specially those little foreign sisters who work in kitchens and laundries, who wear away their youth and beauty for Christ, their spouse, and who are completely happy. I had wanted to stay at St. Procopius, especially in the storm which was raging. The monastery stands out on the plain on the prairie and the winds howled around it. The sisters did not have their storm windows up and even with all the heat on that 65-mile-an-hour gale made the place cold.

The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day Oblation Vow
Dorothy Day’s Certificate of Final Oblation (1955)