The Character Of The Parkland Worker

Catholic Workers are united in our commitment to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and forsaken.  But we are also free to work these out after our own fashions.

For us as a Catholic Worker Farm our character is shaped by several personal traits/desires:

  • We try to be naturally giving, spiritually open, good listeners.
  • Because we realize that people’s moods are integral to who they are and what they have experienced we will never tell anyone that it is time to ‘toughen up,’ or to get beyond them.  As a result we try to create a place of peace and compassion.
  •  We try to balance our activities…time together and time alone are equally valued.
  • We recognize the importance of discovering and discussing self-emptying  intuition in addition to ideas.
  • We encourage reflective time in solitude, especially contemplative, self-emptying, listening prayer.
  • We actively defend against those who lack empathy and are self-seeking.
  • We live in a natural environment and encourage activities that nourish and restores our relationships therein and thereby.
  • We discourage excessive talk, overwhelming smells, and loud, incessant noise and music.
  • The Works of Mercy are more than rote actions; carrying them out relieves the pain of others.  We also know how to pace ourselves, to set limits, to defend our compassion, and to communicate in no uncertain terms when others’ talk and actions threaten these.

By naming these we achieve a certain emotional freedom in the midst of the world and our work.

Labour without being driven; caring for others without losing ourselves.

Our farm has a gate for a reason.  Sometimes it’s closed…