Subtle Strategies To Dominate

love, respect, tenderness, attentiveness, nurture, compassion, care

William Stringfellow –

The means by which principalities seek to dominate are replete.  In their attempts to subtly dominate, each of the following participates in an overarching, common goal of the perpetrator, namely to undermine others’ comprehension…the murder of conscience.

There is always a strong verbal element to the following…each of which are further and deeper attestations that it is indeed peoples’ conscience that are being undermined:

  • engineered information – a root claim that truth does not exist…truth is usurped by a self-serving version of events
  • doublespeak – language contortions solemnly  pronounced in regards to authoritarian escalation, appropriation, corruption…sometimes this gets amplified by auditors of the original message and becomes overspeak
  • secrecy – always dehumanizing, secrecy disallows others the opportunity to know what is happening
  • expertise – relegating others to spectatorship
  • surveillance – the abolition of human privacy makes open, respectful relationships impossible
  • cursing – cursing makes others inferior, and defames, diagnosing them as essentially insane, and setting them up for pogroms and genocide
  • absorption – more subtle than the rest, usurpation neutralizes resistance
  • diversion – distraction works to deflate opposition and can work both as a direct diversion (e.g. sports) or turning opposition into a spectacle itself, much like involving Christians and lions in ancient Rome

These species of violence have always been militant tools in the hands of those who rule and organize and direct, applied with great skill and persistence.  These always violently attack their targets’ faculties of perception and conscience.

…none of these ‘make it easier to be good.’ (Peter Maurin)