Replacing Our Washer

We’ve had a terrible and costly string of breakdowns this fall.  The last to go was our washing machine.  Purchased three years ago it is unrepairable.  We are not happy about new washing machines.

This machine was what my wife grew up with.  Twenty years of Saturday morning wash.  None of her siblings wanted this.  We took it on a lark a couple of decades ago and it has sat here since.  Today I hauled it inside and tested it.  It is all still working.  We believe that it is a Maytag Model E, built between 1927 and 1941.  I started tearing it apart to both evaluate and clean it up.  I got as far as removing decades of oil and soap scum from the roller mechanism this afternoon.  What a simple and well-built machine.  It looks like I will be using a wringer washer to clean our clothes!  We actually take it as another prod just pushing us in the right direction…



…I’m starting to ask myself why I’d own anything else?