The Bible As Politics (1)

πολιτική – Gr., politika, lit. the affairs of cities – the process of making decisions that apply to all members of a group, exercising organized control of a human community

  • From beginning to end the Bible overwhelmingly focuses on politics.
  • The Bible’s only concern is with redemption.
  • It describes the politics of nations, institutions, ideologies, and causes of the world.
  • It describes the politics of the Kingdom of God.
  • It describes the politics of Babylon and of Jerusalem.
  • It describes the politics of the Antichrist and of Jesus Christ.
  • It describes the politics of principalities and of God’s sovereign judgment.
  • It describes the politics of death and the politics of life.
  • It describes apocalyptic politics and eschatological politics.

Throughout its diverse histories and cultures, politics in the Bible remains front and centre.  With extraordinary versatility it lays its politics out first one way then another. Its singular issue is the politics of redemption for a people.

The theology of the Bible only concerns politics…and in its most rudimentary form.