Doing Laundry


How grateful we are for these two wringer washers!  Our last fully automatic washer cost us nearly 500$ three years ago.  In that time we’ve put 250$ of parts into it.  It was a frustrating machine with a computerized brain that locked the lid and which finally went wild at the end, spinning when it should empty and filling when it should be spinning.  We threw it out and brought in two wringer washers instead…their total cost being !00$.  We forgot how much cleaner your clothes get with a wringer, and how much less water you use (eco+), and how much less detergent you use (eco+), and how much control you have, and that we are recycling and not responsible for the the pollution connected with producing new items, and how much fun you have running them!  But best of all, they offer non-distractive work so that we can remain in the conscious presence of God, which is the foundation of a life of prayer.  It took several hours yesterday but the two machines worked back-to-back to breeze through three weeks of laundry without a hiccup.  Judging from the number of machines available on the internet at any given time and how little they cost I think we will pick up a couple more for parts as we are able.