A Basic Diet

The salmonberries and blueberries that grow so profusely on Admiralty Island were beginning to ripen. As we traveled we ate these berries. My friend stripped the fruit from the buses and ate leaves. Stems, hulls, and berries. Whatever went into his mouth he chewed and swallowed.

– Ralph Young describing the life of Allen Hasselborg, Admiralty Island, Alaska

Forty years ago a Ukrainian old timer told me of getting up every morning and boiling wheat for porridge to start the day.  I never forgot that.

We raise our own honeybees and collect their honey. We eat strained,unpasteurized after a prolonged, very low temperature melting of the entire frame, which allows us to both collect wax as well as to eat everything edible on that frame…propolis, honey, pollen, and perhaps some royal jelly?

We grind our own dog food. Trained in animal feeds and nutrition I make their food fresh every day…a truly balanced diet from real food, which they relish and which shows in their condition and demeanour. It is also much more economical to do this as well…I can feed two retrievers all year for about $100 worth of grain.

Part of the dogs’ diet includes a boiled mash of ground oats, barley, and wheat. I eat it too. What makes it unique is that the oats and barley are un-hulled. Going through the grinder this makes for bulk. I try and use a darker cooking honey for my meal. No milk. Just unhulled oats, barley, and wheat, slathered with a glob of unprocessed honey. The hulls are highly fibrous and coarse…and it all tastes like heaven. Straight spearmint tea from our garden serves as a tonic afterward. We have totally stopped using all caffeine and refined sugar, except a minimal amount as may be required in some baking.