Watching The Field Where Nothing Happens

There is a hidden wholeness to living in the north, something elemental, instinctual, emotive, and inductive. It reflects an enduring pattern…that given similar geographical circumstances, individuals and communities maintain similar habits of life and mind over immense periods.

The deepest peace ever is emerging here this winter.  Our first 7 years here we felt like we could be washed off this mountain at any minute.  Then came the years of reprieve and of understanding.  But starting last winter there was the start of a profound inner poverty.  And now it is for want of a better term, a centering on nothing in the midst of serving…a full openness to God.  It is an an odd feeling to be this while we watch the West literally melt down under it’s own self-infatuated magnanimity.  We have arrived somewhere, but we are not sure where?

Tranquility of softly falling snow is unrivalled. Perhaps fully calm water comes close. But being in snow makes you a participant, like looking at water cannot not.

The addition of deer yet lowers our defences even more…