Nobody Needs A Rifle Like This: Principalities Blame The Victims


Telling parishioners that they should carry guns to church, the Texas attorney general infers that people are responsible for their own deaths if they don’t, in essence blaming the victims of violence.

This is a blatant ploy on the part of principalities, revealing their death-dealing agenda, as well as an indication that this man is lacking in compassion.

People who promote the ownership of these are not responsible citizens, but are narcissistic, and perhaps psychopathic.  To place your own reasoning for owning an assault rifle in front of the lives of others…what sort of human could do something like this?  The answer is, millions of primarily men do.

Like any other psychological trait psychopathy exists on a bell curve.  Gun owners who think they need something like this clearly do not have the advantage of being compassionate toward victims of abuse.  It is compassion – the ability to see the world through another’s eyes and to have your guts moved in response – that stops any balanced person from inflicting themselves on another.  The less the compassion, the deeper the psychopathy.  It’s that simple.

In the end we will not get rid of these guns until this socially crippling lack of compassion is recognized, named.  Then it will be possible to work our way through the needed courses of action required to protect the most vulnerable in our societies, rectifying the disgraces that men without conscience inflict on others and the environment, and restricting their accessibility to weapons, and doubly especially when it comes to guns.  Until then, you will get what you get.