Remembering – 2017

These are the things I remember today.

I remember that there were people living here with thriving and distinct cultures for tens of thousands of years before immigrants came here from Asia and Europe in the 14th century.

I remember that the ones who came here disregarded the cultures of these people, considering them to be less advanced than their own.

I remember that the wealthy who funded the early settlement of North America were looking for a return on their investments.  Resources.

I remember that the governments that were installed and that later developed did so with their own wealth in mind, and were paternalistic toward those who lands they seized as they spread their power west.

I remember that the government has always retained their own contrived right to punish dissenters through: slander, seizure, confinement, imprisonment, and death.

I remember that the encouragement of immigration to North America has always been invited with the end in mind of the rich becoming richer and the powerful becoming more powerful.  And I remember that inasmuch as services are necessary to keep these under classes working and healthy and entertained and distracted, so a modicum of these services are provided…but no more.

I remember that there have been millions of people who have been duped by ideology and propaganda to believe that they are a part of a far greater scheme than their overlords profess openly.  I remember that many of these have gone off to fight in wars that had nothing to do with them, or their freedom.  I remember that those in power used people to meet their own misguided, ideological ends, and that the blood of these millions is on their hands.  And I remember that the masses who participate in this are not given a broader range of education that would allow them to be able to both think more clearly and to contextualize what they learn within a broader world context/history.

I remember that even today people are so manipulated.  I remember that the press does nothing to dispel this fog and that The Paradise Papers are only one small peek at all of this history named so far.


It seems to me that we would relieve ourselves of the shame of continuing to live this way if we simply gave it all back and apologized.  As for all of those who were used for the ends of those who punish others for not following their directives, I’m sorry…I’m simply very, very sorry…and we are trying our best to raise food for free distribution to all and a place to stay for anyone with no strings attached…it’s the best we can do.