Principalities And Fixing The Problem Of The Poor – Part 2

There is no doubt that poverty vexes both the Canadian and Manitoba governments.  If it did not, then they would not have addressed it the Poverty Reduction Act and the Poverty Reduction Strategy.  But it is telling that nowhere in either document  do these state why they are vexed.  Indeed, poverty is simply seen as being unacceptable in the most cold language and is reflective of typical psychopathic inability to engage life and others except on the most distant and calculating empirical level.  This is a trait that both allowed British colonialism to run rampant for four hundred years, and is inexorably bound within the Canadian administrative persona today.  It is the single social bipolar penchant that allows administrators to simultaneously punitively micro-manage those they look down upon all the while granting them a sound sleep at night.

That these strategies are structurally bound to recognize that the causes for poverty are multiple is good, but that is the only hopeful clause in these acts.  The rest of these acts quickly degenerates into a maze of autocratic hyperbole, vagueness, and meaninglessness:

  • what does it mean to reduce poverty?
  • what is the purpose of social inclusion?
  • any empirical/measurable indicators of poverty and inclusion by nature are incapable of a fuller understanding of the organic, social causes of poverty themselves, which include a government’s oppressive assistance in bringing it about by being unable to engage poverty on  lived level
  • all of this becomes a farce as the government rolls out the results of its work, justifying its impotence only to people who are like-minded, like-bigoted, and like-punitive

The real hypocrisy of the government’s strategy concerning poverty and inclusion becomes apparent with the stating of the strategies themselves:

  • quality, accessible education is supposed to solve poverty and lack of inclusion…and of course the government gets to define what quality, accessible eduction is…which really only boils down to inculcating people into the propaganda of industrialized corporatocracy, lacking any real understanding of how people go about making meaning and how that squares with impoverishment
  • employment…if first comes convincing people of the need to get up every day and go to school, then jobs themselves need to be there to keep this charade rolling along…which really is the foundation for this whole strategy, namely, to get everyone producing at their optimal level so that government can benefit from income – taxes…all of this is an age-old British hold-over strategy to stuff government coffers off of the backs of working people who the government brain-washes into believing that this is the only way to live responsibly
  • affordable housing, and safe communities are only common sense add-ons since they are needed to keep a labour force working…affordable housing in Winnipeg amounts to Stalin-era style housing blocks

That the Manitoba government has issued a new strategy for carrying these out is extremely laughable.  Newly conservative it has radically slashed both education and health care funding.  This is a typical conservative approach, punishing those who do not perform in lock-step with what the governmental-industrial complex dictates that they deem that workers are capable of performing.

It is clear from the documents themselves and their underlying lack of responsiveness to the actual causes of poverty that makes the invitation for Manitobans to share their thoughts on the prevention and reduction of poverty to be a sham and bogus.  As long as any attempt to deal with poverty is done by governmentally recognized experts – who are the least qualified to deal with it – will continue to make Manitoba legislative rule a form of systemic apartheid.  The use of the term stakeholders of course does not mean the impoverished, who are those with the most at stake because poverty intrudes on all human rights.  Instead the term stakeholders means all parties in government and industry who are not receiving the greatest potential financial benefit from the poor being lifted out of poverty through make-work projects.  The impoverished are impoverished because of the dirty rotten system itself that is imposed on them by government/industry.

The real role of government is not for its citizens to achieve a better quality of life, but for citizens to be freed from the threat of punishment from the pitiful oligarchs who distinguish between their own self-worth and that of others.  Oligarchs will always undercut the true purpose of government and will work hard to keep control and power in their own hands.  All of this is precisely what makes a principality a principality…a twisting and perversion of what compassionate humans can be and can achieve as a caring, compassionate, loving, and loveable community.  There are a tremendous number of deeply damaged people in the world who have to control and blame others to get their way.  I sometimes hear people blame God for the way things are, but the despair that politicians create and foster certainly has nothing to do with the character of God, and anyone who thinks it does is to be most pitied for their ignorance and hard-heartedness.

Why is it so hard for people to love themselves and others without looking down on those whom they have consigned to a lower station in life?

dorothy day catholic worker