Principalities And Fixing The Problem Of The Poor – Part 3

The statistical success rate in the field of psychotherapy is abysmal.  During my own clinical training decades ago something on the order of 10-20% of those seeking therapy will never benefit from therapy, 60 – 80% will eventually figure things out for themselves, and 10 – 20% will benefit from therapy which they never would have accomplished on their own.  Those are truly abysmal results.  What business could possibly survive such dismal outcomes?  The answer is, none could.  It is simply another aspect of living in a society of highly trained specialists who are products of a social system that is stuck in a no-man’s-land that is founded upon reward and punishment and which in the end cannot fix a goddamned thing, nor can it accept that it cannot fix a goddamn thing.

The integration between social services and education and the government is complete in Canada.  It forms a phalanx that promotes its own strategies that are formed by people from within its ranks of in-house trained experts and administrators.  These strategies by design will only benefit those who implement these strategies in spite of claims to the contrary.  These people adhere to the system in order to receive the benefits of the system; they have been enculturated to believe in the system and cannot articulate any way to perceive life outside of the power of that particular principality.  Indeed, any other way of seeing life is anathema…something to be defended against.  By definition principalities reserve the right to punish those who do not conform to their epistemology.  Punishment ranges from discrediting, ostracizing, slandering, fining, imprisonment, and in its extreme, denial of one’s very life…execution.  Punishment is the way of principalities.  Bullying and ostracism is the course of action that governments fall back on with those who do not conform to their directives, even when their directives are self-sealing behaviours of failure.

Given their punitive nature, when it comes to poverty the best that any government can offer is the reduction of poverty.  Of course any government could alleviate poverty over night if it chose to do so.  But in order to accomplish this it would have to give up its power, and no worldly principality does that…especially a country still locked into a paternalistic, colonial mindset like Canada.  In fact, the unwillingness to give up power is a sure and certain sign that you are in fact dealing with a principality.

If I bring my car into someone to have it repaired and in driving it home it still has the same problem I can hold them accountable to having not fixed it.  But it does not seem to work that way with government.  Poverty is seen as a problem by government because poor people are likely living by another code and do not contribute to the agenda promoted by government.  Government promotes various schemes to alleviate this problem.  But government cannot make any of these proposals work because poverty is present simply through being of another order than the punitive gate-keeping structure run by the government itself.

We take a very different approach.  Our lives are simply open in a personal way to others who want to come and join us.  We have no expectations placed on them.  They are free to stay as long as they wish.  The only expectation is that they will need to be likewise tolerant of others here.  And this is a farm.  Some desire to participate in production would be a benefit…but that desire would be relative to many other things inherent in their personality.  This is a very different approach to poverty than that outlined in the government of Manitoba’s strategy on poverty reduction.  Personal.  Community-based.  What bureaucrat would open their home to the homeless?  And yet the person whom we call Christ and who burns in our lives in a thousand ways taught that when that is done, it is then and only then that salvation comes to a household.  This is the nature of God.  God is love.  Any other approach by any principality, religious or secular is a sham.PM_IMG_0005