Participating In God’s Ongoing Redemption


FE_IMG_0032In Christ God entered society democratically.  In Christ God engaged with people by honouring their experience, including their social context and their history.  In Christ God offered the opportunity to reflect with people collaboratively as a community.

But just as there is a preponderance of people who use a facile application of scientific facts in order to promote an exclusively scientific basis as the only reliable source of knowledge, so the Judeo-Christian tradition is likewise inundated with lay people, teachers, and clerics who use empirical religious thought to promote a sterilized faith…its own self-sealing justification for being the only reliable source of religious certitude and knowledge.  But this has nothing to do with reality…either the reality of the nativity or the reality of God’s presence and activity in the world both throughout history and today.

Indeed, arrogantly imposing your own cultural prescribed techniques of what counts for what is and what is not valid knowledge not only disrespects the knowledge and skills of others outside your culture, but is abusive. a ploy used by all those who impose their own version of history and science on others in daily life.  It subtly unveils the dominating interests of the abusers.

There is a lot to be said for the role of the Magi at the birth of Christ, namely, that God includes people from a vastly different culture to interpret facts in their own light, telling a counter-narrative.  Along with the Magi, local values, traits, beliefs, and arts seed the story with a diffusion which is understandable and honouring to the lives of everyone involved.

Just as if science were to become understood contextually and so would lose its current monopoly of disenfranchised and self-interested promoted by its experts and intellectuals, so faith, so de-intellectualized, would actually become practical, even revolutionary(!), as it actually was in the birth of Christ, and which it actually is even today, if we would only dare to live that way.