Moon Dogs

Much like the refraction that causes a rainbow, ice in the upper atmousphere can be reflected by the sun, or more rarely, the moon, creating vertical streaks of light that are lightly rainbow coloured.  This morning I was up and plowing the road at 5 a.m. to get our son on his road home.  There were very distinct moon dogs watching me as I cleared the snow.


Yesterday it was -38C here.  This morning it was substantial warmer…-30C.  people have phoned asking how we are doing.  Fine.  We are doing fine.  Cold in north central Canada is normal.  We have been outside cutting wood.  And we even did some modifications to a boat yesterday outside when it was so cold.  When we became cold we just came indoors and warmed up.  Later today we will go for a walk all bundled up.  We enjoy this.  And the greatest aspect is that it is one of the few ways that the mosquito population is kept at bay! ;)