Camshaft Sensor Replacement

A couple of months ago our farm truck began having a split-second yet full hesitation while driving down the road. The likely culprit is a failed camshaft sensor which sends information about the camshaft speed to the vehicle’s electronic control module.  This information is used by the truck’s computer to calculate engine timing and fuel injection timing.

Today the temperature rose to higher than -20. It was time to crawl under the truck and change the sensor. Farming is that way…equipment needs to be kept running…a farm needs to be kept running. You cannot turn the key on a farm and come back whenever you wish.  Moreover, the very proposition of doing so wrenches the identity of men and women called to farm. If you aren’t so-wrenched, then you aren’t so-called. It’s not a hobby. It’s not a part-time job no matter how big or small the farm.  Several trips inside later to keep my hands warm and the sensor was replaced.  The down-side was that there is an oil leak somewhere under the vehicle that I will have to look into.  But not today…