The Road To Recovery – Fibromyalgia And Guaifenesin

Sixteen years ago I suffered a very minor injury…I bumped my knee. I have had major injuries in the past with no adverse side effects. But this time, from this minor incident, pain began to spead throughout my body…muscles, tendons, connective tissue. After a year of excruciating pain I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. While I could still work on a limited basis my ability to exercise was non-existent. Repetitive, sustained movement was out of the question. I could not run for more than ten or twenty yards without the feeling that I was walking up a mountain at great altitude…my muscles screamed! Over the years I had to increase my medication to mask this pain and make life manageable. Every time I went off my meds the intensity returned. My doctors shrugged their shoulders as I asked for newer drugs and kept me on the old meds. After sixteen years I could no longer stand this and spent several days this winter reading alternate medications. I have a bachelors, two masters, and my doctorate. I understand the rationale for clinical trials. However, I also accept that some doctors, without clinically understanding the mechanisms for why some drugs work for certain conditions, also recommend these drugs for these conditions based on symptomology alone. They work. Reading about the controversial guaifenesin protocol ( I bought a box of Mucinex, took one tablet that evening, and the next morning was 80 – 90% pain free! I had stopped with my former medication the previous day. Immediately getting in touch with a guiafenesin support group I was instructed in the protocol and began a salicylate-free diet/lifestyle immediately. No, it is not a placebo; it’s a freaking miracle!  I have never felt better in my diet.  Additionally I stopped all caffeine and sugar…but the interesting thing is that the guaifenesin has removed all desire for these…I no longer feel starved for carbs.  That was three months ago and I feel better every day. And now I am running! Over the past two weeks I am now up to 1/4 mile four times a day. For twenty years I ran five miles every other night. I hope to be up to a mile by spring.  It feels wonderful!!!