The father of prayer is silence; the mother of prayer is solitude.

– Savonarola

Silence alone makes listening possible.

Silence allows us to welcome not only the Word, but also the presence of the one who speaks it.

Through silence we awaken to the experience of the indwelling of God.

Silence is the language of genuine love.

Silence is the language of depth.

Silence is the language of being fully present to one another.

In the experience of love silence itself is a language that is much more eloquent and intense and communicative than words.

Whenever the prestige of language is diminished, the prestige of silence increases.

Silence creates a deep and profound space within us.  This space makes us able to listen intelligently and with discretion.

A silent person becomes a source of grace for those who listen.

– St. Basil

Silence alone allows us to listen to God and to love others with genuine love.

Who is the crucified Christ if not the icon of silence?  The silence of the cross is the authoritative source from which Christians draw their directives of silence.

You cannot be a Christian and not be at root a person of silence.