Conversion Of Our Hearts – Dorothy Day

dorothy-day-at-prayerTo me it is true that the movement is still one of the most important in the country today, in that it points to a problem which has not yet been met, except with words. That is the problem of the poor. Too many other movements have gone out with words, with agitation, with study and indoctrination, with efforts towards organization and legislation.  There is too much talking of the problem from above.  There are too few who will consider themselves servants, who will give up their lives to serve others, who will sow things of this world, the things of the mind, and of the soul in order to put on Christ – to be Christ to those around us…

There is too much talk of raising up leaders, and too little of raising up of servants; or rather, just too much talk, and too little being what we are talking about.

We may think that we are humble…but I am thinking that much of the criticism we get, we deserve, if not for the particular point on which we are criticized, then for something else.

The Catholic Worker, July-August, 1947