Something To Break Your Heart – ‘The Story Is Not The Nun’s Killing, The Story Is The Coverup Of The Nun’s Story’

We were at a friend’s home this weekend and watched this critically acclaimed docuseries together.  It’s a necessary kick in the guts.  We were devastated; we are haunted; we cry; we think.  As clergy I found the key elements of this in every church, in every denomination, in every location I served.  I love the body of Christ; I cannot tolerate the toxicity I find in it.  After nearly 30 years I resigned my ordination in 2010.  If you haven’t watched The Keepers on Netflix, please do so, let it settle in your guts, and open your heart to the experience of these victims.  The behaviour you will find here is rampant, fostered by the narcissism, sadism, and sometime psychopathic/rationalistic arrogance of clergy and lay people alike.  My own attempts to address this were as naive and inverted to blame me as was the initial experience of Jane Doe.  But then again I now tell myself that this behaviour goes on unchecked with yet ever increasing speed in greater North American society, and nobody even gives a damn about that any more.