Snowshoes Of Hope, Spuds Of Praise


Days start early and end late now.  Yesterday I began at 6 a.m. varnishing snowshoes in prep for storage, planted 150 yards of densely spaced potatoes, worked up several acres of land in summer fallow, tilled two large gardens, trained our retriever twice on new water drills, inspected bee hives, and looked over the haskap orchard and collected trimmed off bushes in our regimen of regeneration for burning.  There’s no let up at this time of year, but it’s not work.  It’s just hope and praise…

Every plant that stands in the light of the sun is a saint and an outlaw.  Every tree that brings forth blossoms without the command of people is powerful in the sight of God.  Every star that people have not counted is a world of sanity and perfection.  Every blade of grass is an angel singing in a shower of glory.

– Merton, Raids On The Unspeakable