There is no natural separation between the disciplined Christian life and a direct relationship with God…adorning your life with Christian practise and contemplation.  At least in the early church there was not.  If one exists today…if the church – lay or professional – sees it otherwise, then it is definitely an imposition of late.  This distinction was never found on the lips of the Fathers and Mothers of the first centuries.

Classically, one simply led to the other.

Following Christian practises.  Adorning one’s life with the Works of Mercy, for example.  Prepared Christ’s disciples for the contemplative life…con-templum, to be together with-God; setting time and preoccupations aside in favour of God predisposed one to virtuous practise in life…

bios praktikos <=> bios theoretikos

Today we are awash in a Christian faith that is deeply divided on this.  A supposed division.  One is ordinary.  For all.  Living a good life (or at least a less-divided one).  The other.  Extraordinary.  Abnormal. Unique.  For special souls.

But I have known.  Enlightened bush men.  Even as I have.  Priests who have never met God.

You figure it out.

Every Sunday we pray for more vocations.  And I do.  But I never hear.  Longing for direct infusion – if you will – at the saw mill.

Again.  Classically.  One organic whole.

The way through?

People will follow if you will just lead.

st seraphim and bear