The Only Happiness

Love only seeks the good of the one loved.

It is only by actually concretely loving others that people experience concrete human happiness.

People who are not capable of finding human happiness in love devote themselves to abstract substitutes: attempts at acquisition, wealth, influence, social structures, social control.

All of these are designed to circumvent their lack of love.

Everything that people use as a substitute for love is inherently destructive of love.

Love will ultimately cost the one who loves everything.

Love is the only socially redemptive way to live.

Those who have genuinely experienced the love of God automatically love all people and enthusiastically are willing to give up all things in order to love all others.

Those who do not love all people by concretely giving up what they have in order to serve the needs of others have not experienced the love of God no matter how they mentally defend not doing so.

When love becomes justified as a private concern – religious or otherwise – then it is nothing other than an innately anti-social rationale to practise selfishness.


In the first centuries of Christianity the hungry were fed at a personal sacrifice, the naked were clothed at a personal sacrifice, the homeless were sheltered at a personal sacrifice… And [they] used to say about the Christians, “See how they love each other.”

– Peter Maurin