Gifting Ourselves To One Another

We gift ourselves to one another.  We do not do this through thoughts or notions or mental expressions.  These are things.  Objects in and of themselves.  Instead, we gift ourselves to one another through the manner in which we present ourselves.  This is not ethereal.  This is real.  That is to say, it is concrete.  It is observable.  And it is repeatable.  It is finite.  And interestingly, it is also infinite.  Being human.  Being fully human.  Is to be corporeal.  To be in community.  To present ourselves.  And.  To access the interiority of others presenting themselves.  Real joy is not a joy of I, or you, or he, or she.  Or it.  Real joy is the joy of we.  It is the only real reality.


On The Problem Of Empathy, Edith Stein