If Any Desires Wisdom…

…ask God, who bestows it to all generously, and without embarrassing the one who asks…and it will be given to them.

James 1:5

Wisdom means to empathically experience God.

This is a gift.

It is a sole matter of God’s action, not of human choice.

It is a fruit of God’s generosity, not a reward that comes from the diligence of people.

It is an indication of God’s love, not the social engineering of human enterprise.

It is the outcome of God’s quest for each person, not the outcome of people’s search for God.

But let them ask in faith…without doubt…

James 1:6

And what, precisely, does it mean to ask in faith for faith?

It means to perpetually take up residence in an estate of helplessness…utter helplessness.

…in which all is given up

…in which all activity ceases

…in which all answers are unknown


…in which all questions are unarticulated and left derelict

…in which you stand alone in the world

…vulnerable…as we truly are

No one can experience God who has not descended into utter, actual helplessness for which only God can help.

And of this there is no place for double-mindedness.