Without A Clue…Or A Conscience

He sits at the bottom of a big hill in a remote forest in northern British Columbia and hauls fracking rigs up it.  For this he is paid a major salary that he would not disclose.  But he drives a brand new Chevy diesel pickup truck and could purchase with impunity at the auction sale where I met him.  And one of the items for which he won the bid was a mineral tester…because he also pans for gold.  Money defines his life.  And he had no emotion.  Everything that came out of his mouth was purely rational.  He had no heart.  He never enquired.  He had no understanding that intuition and rationale serve as foils for one another and creates the foundation of the human survival mechanism.  That without our ability to empathize our rational decisions are invariably mechanistic, and  likewise, without our working through our intuition rationally we are subjectively selfish.  In healthy people these two work in tandem in order to promote our survival.  In sick people they do not function in tandem.  One or other  is dominant, either intentionally or unintentionally.  This man did not have a conscience about the impact of his actions.  But he is not alone.  Fired by modernism the establishment of corporations in the eighteenth century formally cleared the way for unbalanced people to exploit others and the environment with political protection.  It also created a labour force of like-minded rationalists without a soul.  And so there you have it.  Today we are awash with self-promoting individuals who will do whatever they want without regard to its consequences and who enjoy official governmental protections.  And there is nothing that can be done about it.  And they are everywhere.  Government.  Education.  Corporations. Small businesses.  Religion.  Two days ago I did buy some items at the auction…a place I did not want to be because of this competitive aspect.  But a friend of mine had died and I went to support his family.  Everything I bought was with a mind to furthering the CW community in which I live and for which I work.  Contrast that to everything which this other man purchased for his own good and for his own psychopathic, isolated self-promotion.  Standing there and enquiring about his purchases I found it to be a simple study in psychology.  For me this is both heartbreaking as well as very rationally disturbing.  It forcefully reminded me that for nearly thirty years I was charged with caring for people.  I did this with the greatest attention to holistically intertwining these aspects of understanding and love.  But to no avail.  This approach was derailed time and again by both extremes, which is where most people live their lives.  Even individuals in my own family are polarized…unbalanced…selfish.  They are their own worst enemies.  Their solutions to global warming are likewise partial and weighted and without conscience.  And I do not know how this happened because all of this was laid out to them painstakingly, rationally, lovingly over decades.  But they chose differently.  I guess that it is all a part of the larger self-centred context of modernity, which, again, appeals to this shadow of self interest in so many, which is resident in people from the start, but unleashed with the greatest ferocity in the twentieth century, and of which nobody seems to have a clue…or a conscience about.

…guard my life from dread of my foes
hide me from the band of the wicked
from the throng of those who do evil.

– Psalm 63