Days With Cats


We say that we care about something when we sense or desire a connection to it.  Our connection to the natural world runs deep here at the Parkland Worker.  We care about – we are connected to – a sustainable way of life that promotes the natural cadences of the earth and is personally shared with others.  As such cats are a natural part of farm life.  If you have never been overrun by rodents then you simply don’t know how critical a part that they play on the farm.  Our long-time resident cat died at the end of the summer this year.  We have needed new cats.  Two days ago we picked up four kittens.

Introducing kittens to the farm is no easy process.  These ones are several weeks beyond having been weaned.  Nevertheless, it is traumatizing to bring them into a new home.  That is why we brought four here, so that they have several known companions and playmates.  These need to be nursed along, not in terms of physically being nurtured, but in terms of psychology.  They have a warm, safe place to live.  But they need to be loved and interacted with…treated with kindness and introduced in a safe way to the geography.  Farms are not safe places.  Farming is inherently one of the most dangerous occupations.  Kittens need to learn about machinery and animals and threatening activities, but in due time.  For now they are being handled and carried around and fed sumptuously, which they like very much.  Today they will be introduced to one of our out buildings where they will be safe and have free reign to run and play.  We are always so impressed with how quickly they learn.  Their little brains soak up everything and they are up for any challenge at this age, exploring and pushing their limits physically and mentally.

They really are wonders to watch as we invite them to become a part of our lives here.  Receiving their attention makes us feel more alive.