…is a psychological term coined by Eric Berne denoting the period of time during which an impending event begins to influence a individual’s behaviour.

[…it’s also a band…]

It’s a great term because it’s never the future that causes grief or anxiety or stress…it’s always the past.  Which only goes to reinforce Kant’s philosophic insight that it is only possible to know phenomenon as we perceive them and that our perception is determined by the very structure of our minds so that there is no way to know that the thing-in-itself is precisely as we perceive it…that what lies behind our experience of the world is inaccessible to pure reason and can only be accessed tangentially through reflection.

[If you think you can deduce reality with a directly accessible, linear method you are indeed deluded…it sounds water-tight to work through life from this deductive method, but our minds themselves are limited in every respect in spite of what we have been inculcated to believe in school.]