It Is…

…leaving more and more behind…our needs, our thinking, our incessant talk

…it is all that is behind us

…it is non-intrusive – clean, un-driven, holistic

…it is away from the constant flow of duties and expectations accompanied by unlike-others in this place of beauty

…it is the thunderstorm that is closer now…most evident in its overwhelming silence

…it is people thinking us quite deluded, but now as we look at the endemic clamouring away from here it makes perfect sense

…it is people who see us as simple beings seeking only to quench a primordial urge to escape, but that we see as employed poets

…it is nothing other than taking a pulse…feeling the moist rhythm of what truly is…actualized when at one with this rhythm

…it is heeding this call not in order to fill bellies with food (although it is that), but to top up our souls with quietness and gentleness and beauty and wonder

…it is not possible to find all this in the socially starved syndicates where people are packed in without stars

…it is in the actual hunting down of this quarry that is every bit as wily and driven to evade us as any wild animal

…it is technique that is irrelevant when it succeeds

…it is nothing other than what it comes down through countless days, and weeks, and months, and years of hurts and sacrifice

…it is most truly catholic and working and farming