Who Will Dwell In Your Tent, Lord?

…and who will find rest on your holy mountain?

– RB Prologue, 23

These words are a mirror image of the language found in Psalm 14.  Benedict answers, One who speaks the truth from their heart (RB Prologue, 26).  John Cassian wrote of this as central to developing a relationship with anyone, most of all God, which he termed puritas cordis…purity of heart.

Purity of heart never consists of concepts or imaginings.  And certainly it is far away from the practising of any good work, personal, corporate, or institutional, as ethics, morals, or social action.  Purity of heart is constituted of an inner harmony that is nestled in: death to our self, the denying of that fabricated part of us that others require in order to make us acceptable to them, and the willingness to become a slave to all the dehumanized in the world for the sake of Christ who himself does this in us out of love for us.

Purity of heart – it is this and this alone that is going to bring us back to God.

John Cassian