Getting Beyond Our Selves

To live by his Rule and under an abbot is to live a common religious life; to not live under his Rule and an abbot is to not live a common religious life.  For Benedict it is that simple.  Of course Benedict does not say that he expects everyone to so live.  But he does say that if someone wants to fully live the gospel, and professes to so live, and talks this way, and dresses this way, but does not do so, that it exposes the true disposition of their hearts…


– RB 1,6,10

The first live a settled form of self-justification and self-will; the later are disinterested vagabonds.  And Benedict leaves it at that.  From this point on he focuses on what it means to live the common Christian life under the Rule and an abba.

RB Chapter 1

Opus Dei, the Work of God, New Melleray, Iowa, USA