Two Sets Of Kits Born

It’s a muddy time of year.

For the first fifteen years we lived here our spring thaw was like clockwork.  It always happened over spring school break almost to the day which is always the first week in April.  When our children were home we had an entire crew of shovelers who would work with us to open culverts, which allowed the substantial runoff from uphill to freely cross the farm without washing out roads and ditches and fields.  For the past several years this event has been coming earlier.  This year we are already a full week into the melt.

A few days ago I separated the rabbits that were born the end of last summer.  Raised together in a large pen the last six months they got along extremely well.  Two females just had kits, one yesterday and one today.  These are two very different mothers.  One is quiet and doting and confident; the other is hyper and agitated, wide-eyed and unsure.

They each live in two-compartment hutches.  One compartment is open wire on two sides and where they are fed…pellets, hay, and water.  The other compartment is totally enclosed and lined with hay and is where they kindle.  There is a small, raised entry portal between the two so that the kits cannot accidentally fall out.  Both sides have mesh floors to allow pellets to fall through to the ground.  This is an extremely good setup.

We are keeping a close watch on these two and making sure that they have everything that they need both to eat and for their comfort.




It’s always such a beautiful, humbling experience.