On Obedience

catholic worker sisoesA man who wanted to become a monk came to Abba Sisoes the Theban and the old man asked him if he had any worldly attachments?  The man replied that he had one son.  The old man was curious to find out how obedient the man would be so he said to him, Go and throw your son in the river.  And straightaway the man left to do so.  Now when the man had departed Abba Sisoes also sent another brother in order to prevent him from doing this thing.  And when the man had taken his son to throw him in the river the brother approached him and said, Do not throw him in the river.  Then the man said, My father told me that I was to cast him in, but the brother replied, But he told me to not allow you to do so.  And so the man left his son behind and returned to the old man and through his obedience became a chosen monk.

The Paradise Or Garden Of The Fathers, Wallis Budge (ed.)