This Old Forney Stick Welder

People make their livings
by deceiving
other people

all the while
deceived themselves

frenzied lives
amounting to no more
than trying to store water
in a basket.

– Han Shan


This truck is old.  But it still has only a small number of original miles on it.  It drives like new.  But it is rusted out.  Holes in the floor of the cab.  We set traps this winter to get rid of the mice that find their way in.  But no more need for that since our kittens are now grown.  They hunt constantly.  They have a special appreciation for old trucks.  Parts of the front end needed replacement.  A prolonged Spring labour.  Stripping.  Straightening.  Scraping.  Measuring.  Fitting.  Welding.

Forever is our most valuable currency.