I Placed A Guard At My Mouth

I said: ‘I will guard my ways so as to not to sin with my tongue.’

– Psalm 38:2

There is a great deal of difference between silence and the human quality of being quiet.  The Latin found in RB 6 promotes the later not the former.

Inasmuch as Benedict promotes the Cenobitic way of life, Cassian’s influence (moderate eremeticism) from a century before (Institutes, Chapter 4) has been and continues to remain a standard for all those who seek God in authentic Christian community.  The teachings from the desert fathers unveiled the direct relationship between obedient actions and quieting one’s will as evidenced by the content of our speech.  These remain the key elements in working toward humility.

This is a very simple life-giving way founded on the grace of God that can easily become unnecessarily complicated.

In our own age of unbridled, egotistical discourse, there can be no doubt that RB 6 is heresy.