In 2002 our oldest child rolled our pickup truck in the ditch after losing control on a gravel road.  She was fine but the vehicle was totalled.  We bought it back from the insurance company and then I trimmed off all damaged body parts and we ran it for the next fourteen years here on the farm.  It had no doors or fenders and the engine compartment had to be restructured, but it was a lot of fun to drive and it worked fine as a vehicle with which to just run about, and hence its nickname.  Four years ago we stopped operating it.  There is just a limit to the number of vehicles you can practically pay for.  We have another truck of the same vintage.  This week I drained the fluid in the truck and rolled it over, cutting off the rear frame for a trailer.  The engine components can be used for our other pickup as needed; the front half will be set up in the bush on blocks.  And some day it will go to recycling itself.  I need to build a deck for this trailer and cut and bend the frame to fit a trailer hitch, which I will pick up next week.