Black Bear


An adult male black bear has a certain swagger to their walk.  Unhurried.  Undeterred.  Direct.  They take their time going where they are going.  Fifteen years ago I was camping with a friend on this property near the upper Fraser River half way between McBride and Prince George.  The campsite was located beneath large spruce and next to a football-size field of grass.  While cooking dinner over an open fire I glanced up to discover an enormous male black bear walking down the middle of this field.  He held off of the tree line seventy feet.  He never looked directly at us but you could see him watching us out of his peripheral vision.  His fur shimmered as his hide shifted with the waves of fat and muscle that came from his steady, purposed walking.  He was in no hurry.  We sat not saying a word, forgetting momentarily about our supper.  The way in which he moved attested to the fact that he was the king and he knew it.

A month ago a very large adult male black bear stood on the edge of our farmyard seventy feet away surveying our site.  By the time I got a camera he had gone back into the bush.  Yesterday another male black bear walked across a pasture a couple hundred yards from our home.  He had the same unhurried walk.  He knew his place.  He knew that I was there.  He did not acknowledge me from in the open.  Once he crossed the fence line and stood next to the bush only then did he turn and look at me directly.  Black bears in BC have an attitude that bears in Manitoba do not.  Nevertheless, this one yesterday was in charge and he knew it.

We like living here.