It’s All About Sex

In early spring, aspen trees produce tiny flowers on catkins. Catkins grow before aspens leaf out.

Male catkins bloom and die. Female catkin flowers produce seed pods that, over a few months mature. These eventually split open releasing hundreds of cottony seeds that blow off in the wind. Germination of aspen seeds occurs within days of seed dispersal only if they reach a moist area in which to grow. Seeds don’t stay viable very long and most dry out and die in the wild.

All of life is about reproduction. Every species of plant and animal on earth is oriented toward this end. Montague wrote, ‘There are no biological solitaries.’

From the earliest buds in spring time through plant growth, everything is geared to reproduction. Throughout late spring to mid-summer we are awash in sperm and eggs floating through the air in one form or another, we just can’t see it. It is a part of the grand pageant going on all around.

Urbanized society has lost this sense, cursing the need to mow their lawns when too much rain falls and the grass only does what its DNA tells it to do, which is to grow seed and reproduce. But city folks will have none of it. Like neutering their cats, castrate it!

We celebrate sex on the farm. And it’s best to not think too much about it. After all, it’s just nature taking its course and without this going on here life doesn’t go on in towns and cities anywhere else. Having lost touch with the land generations ago, people think too much about this from polite social micro-management perspectives and invariably screw it up from any variety of messed up psychologies.

Everything in life comes down to sperm and eggs.  It’s just the way it is.

What a sight yesterday!