Summer Kitchen

Picture 341

It was the second house built here by the original homsteaders from Russia and the first one made of dimensional lumber.  Placed on a stone foundation it measured twenty by twenty feet.  It burned down.  Another house was built.  The foundation of the one destroyed eventually grew into the bush and it was forgotten.  Then we came along.  Surrounded by trees I often thought that it would made an admirable foundation for some sort of building.


Then four years ago I cleared the brush and trees from it.  Three years ago I built a platform and though to place our large tent (sixteen by twenty feet) on it with wooden tent walls and using it as a summer camp here on the property.  They I checked out the price of rough sawn lumber from a friend and hauled this in as we could afford it.  Two years ago I built stud walls.  Today we added vertical spruce planks.  Tomorrow we will finish off the walls and put up a ridge beam in preparation for roofing.  It was a gorgeous day for this working in the shade of the surrounding trees with a constant breeze…