The Farm (18)

There were two other clergy in the area who greatly influenced me at this time.  One had attended a Quaker seminary; the other was a Roman Catholic priest originally from Germany.  The former became a friend and challenged me to let go of dogma and to live out the radical nature of the gospel as found in the literal teachings of Jesus in regard to peace, the Sermon on the Mount, and the parables.  And the later became my spiritual director.  I met with both of them on a weekly basis as we studied the lectionary together in preparation for the next Sunday’s service.  It was the best working relationship I have ever had with other clergy; they were selfless and brilliant.  And in addition to our time in spiritual direction I also began meeting with the priest in order to brush up on my Latin by reading that week’s Gospel text an hour before we met with the other clergy in our regular study time.  The former also introduced me to the terrific legacy of Canadian singer-songwriters, and especially those who were simply naming the dysfunction of the world in which we lived.  And at the time I thought to myself, You are so fortunate to have come across these two for so many reasons.