Mammon & Death

Lay up for yourselves no treasure on earth: sell all you have and give to the poor and come to a totally new way with me.

– Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 6:19, Luke 18:22

Stuff – mammon- cannot fulfill, it can only burden.  Private property only kills friendship.  Private property gives rise to injustice.  Wealth stands in the way of liberation.

Woe to you that are rich, woe to you that are full. / Blessed are the impoverished.

– Jesus of Nazareth, Luke 6:20 / 24

Mammonism wills to take, and possess, and enjoy.  Lying, oppression, war, and the inability to genuinely relate with others are all in mammon’s service.  These all disclose one and the same spirit; these are all affiliates of the god of godlessness.  To moralists these are all separate actions; in reality they are all one and the same.

The turning point comes when you discover that in giving things away in your enslavement to serving others you find genuine friendship and just relations.  There is another way that comes from God and creates unity and it is only found in turning your back on possessions, because again, you cannot serve two masters.