RB 22

There is an important message in the twenty-second chapter of Benedict’s Rule.  For human life to function well, rest is important.  In a treatise on the importance of God, human needs can be overridden.  Benedict recognizes the need for adequate sleep.  In this regard undisturbed sleep works best when sleepers are separate.  It may sound obvious to say so but the point of sleep is to rest undisturbed.  Simple, adequate mattresses and coverings are key to this, as is sufficient light both for safety and supervision.  The later verses remind us of the importance of the night office and careful thought is given to making it easier to arise and attend it: sleeping clothed and girded, arising with dignity and decorum, and being able to be encouraged by those who are already accustomed to doing so, for in this last case Benedict knows that some humans are all too prone to laziness…for the sleepy like to make excuses.