The Parkland Worker

Welcome all as you would welcome Christ.  

– Rule of St Benedict 53:1

  • We follow the Rule of St. Benedict, the oldest manual on Christian discipleship most widely in use in the church today.  We regularly read scripture throughout our day and practise contemplative prayer.


  • We provide a primitive, quiet place for rest and prayerful reflection on the role of Christ in people’s life.  Out of simple hospitality we provide basic retreat accommodations and meals for adults at no charge.



  • Farming this property is one of the ways in which we work to support ourselves.  To this end we raise and sell hay.  Hay allows the land to remain in permanent ground cover, building organic matter, and remediating atmouspheric CO2 from early spring through late fall.  We use as simple technologies as we are able.




  • haskap_berry_1We grow food in order to feed the hungry.  We tend gardens, and apple, haskap, and dwarf sour cherry orchards.   Anyone is welcome to come and harvest for free; we work as an extended community to pick and distribute this for free to those who have less access to the necessities of life.


  • fullsizeoutput_28fcWe both hand weave and for the past several years have been building a shop that houses a power loom, which will provide blankets free of charge to anyone in need.





  • P1010542We teach compassion through retreats and workshops based on Little Exercises In Learning To Live A Compassionate Life: A Workbook.




  • We renounce all forms of violence, substituting instead the unselfish serving of others.  We practise the Works of Mercy and promote a communal, personal, and agrarian way of life found in the Catholic Worker Movement.


We need to learn to think with our hands.

– Peter Maurin