The Parkland Worker

  • As the Parkland Worker we distribute our farm produce and weave blankets in accord with the teachings of Christ to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, free of charge. Christian hospitality leads us to also welcome people to live, pray, and work with us for as long as they choose.
  • As Benedictine Oblates we provide hospitality for adults who seek to nurture their contemplative practise of Christian prayer in a remote, simple setting of solitude free of charge.  We follow the Rule of St. Benedict as the oldest manual on Christian discipleship most widely in use in the church today.  In accord with the Rule we reflectively read scripture throughout our day and practise contemplative prayer.
  • We denounce war, violence, and social injustice in all its forms.  Simplicity and voluntary poverty allows us to be better able to both encounter God, and to serve those who have less access to the basic necessities of life with understanding, integrity, solidarity, and most importantly, in accord with the call of Christ.